1. Ultimate Silk Bedding Buying Guide

    Ultimate Silk Bedding Buying Guide

    Why Silk Bedding

    Though silk bedding is the most expensive luxury bedding sets, most users like buying it.

    • Silk is very smooth and feels great on skin.
    • Silk, a naturally hypoallergenic fabric, can resists dust, fungus, mold and many other allergens.
    • Silk regulates body temperature. It can keep you feel warm in cold winter while cool in hot summer.
    • Silk is the longest lasting natural fabric.
    • Silk helps your skin retain moisture and reduce damage caused by higher friction fabrics.
    • Silk outlasts every other natural fabric and has a lifespan on par with polyester.


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  2. Do We Need To Dry Clean Silk Sheets?

    Do We Need To Dry Clean Silk Sheets?

    We don’t need to dry clean silk sheets, unless the label says “DRY CLEAN ONLY”. Hand wash in cold water is a common-use method for cleaning silk sheets, and is the sheets are machine washable, we can even wash it with washing machine.


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  3. What Does Non-allergenic, Anti-allergy Duvet or Hypoallergenic Mean

    What Does Non-allergenic, Anti-allergy Duvet or Hypoallergenic Mean

    Non-allergenic, Hypoallergenic or Anti-allergy have similar meanings, with minor difference.

    • Non-allergenic means that the item itself shouldn’t cause an allergic reaction, but triggers such as dust mites may still be present.
    • Hypoallergenic or Anti-allergy means the item is intended to prevent or minimize an allergic reaction.

    Our mulberry silk bedding products are all Hypoallergenic/ Anti-allergy. Mulberry silk beddings are resistant to dust and house mites, mildew, mould, and rot that attacks other fibres.

    Sufferers of asthma, blocked sinuses or other hay fever symptoms, can find relief in silk duvet bedding, as well as those with allergies to down or other synthetic material.


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  4. How to Wash Silk

    How to Wash Silk

    How to Wash and Care for 100% Pure Silk Clothes

    100% pure silk is very delicate, and it can be easily damaged by any wash, detergent-based soap or sunlight. So, to protect your 100 percent silk, you had better wash it by your hand. It is recommended to wash it with neutral-based pH-level soaps.

    Steps to Clean 100% Pure Silk Clothing

    1. Place 100 percent silk in a bucket with warm water to prevent shrinkage.
    2. Add neutral or alkaline-based soap. Do not use highly acidic soap or soap containing detrimental detergents or bleach, for these soaps will damage the silk.
    3. Soak the 100 percent silk in soapy water for no more than 10 minutes, time cannot grow too, can damage the silk’s protein-based f
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  5. What is Momme in Silk Fabric?

    What is Momme in Silk Fabric?

    What does "momme" mean in silk fabric?

    Momme [mom-ee] is a Japanese word used as a unit of weight measurement for real silk. Momme, often abbreviated as mm, is defined as the weight in pounds of a piece of fabric sized 45 inches x 100 yards. That is an incredibly long piece of fabric -- about the length of a football field! To put it terms closer to the size of sheets: one momme equates to about 4.340 grams per square meter. Eight momme fabric weighs about 1 ounce per square yard or 35 grams per square meter.

    The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the weave will be. During the process of silk production, the silk factory will adjust the density and yarn count of the silk thread to control the weight -- or momme -- of the fabric. With 30 momme charmeuse pillowcase, for example, the weft and warp of the silk fibers are woven closer together than they would

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  6. How to Wash Silk Sheets At Home

    How to Wash Silk Sheets At Home

    Sleeping in mulberry silk sheets is like sleeping on cloud. However, how to clean these wonderful, luxurious silk sheets at home? Never put your silk sheets in the dryer. Always check the tags on the sheets.

    • It is recommended to send your silk sheets to the professional dry cleaning. However, if you want to wash it at home, you have to use mild a detergent. Never use bleach and clorox.
    • Mild detergent (such as hand washing soap or dish liquid) is very close to water since it has a base rating on the pH scale. You can find some good silk-specific detergents on the market.
    • Do not wash silk sheets with hot water. High heat will cause silk to break down and separate because silk is a natural protein fiber.
    • Never put your silk in the dryer!

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  7. Higher “Momme Weight”, Better Silk?

    Higher “Momme Weight”, Better Silk?

    We use thread count to measure the quality of cotton bedding, the higher the better. But when it comes to silk, Thread count becomes unimportant. We use “Momme weight“instead, usually referred as “mm” or “MM”. One momme = 4.340 grams per square meter;

    The typical momme weight range for a common silk types are:

    • Charmeuse Silk – 16 to 30 momme weight
    • Habutai silk – 5 to 16 momme weight
    • Raw silk – 35 to 40 momme weight
    • Chiffon – 6 to 8 momme weight
    • Gauze – 3 to 5 momme weight

    High momme weight means the silk fabric is more durable, feels thicker, more compact. Silk with higher momme weight is usually shinier and more lustrous due to a denser weave.

    When it comes to our seamless silk Charmeuse bed sheets, does it mean 22 momme weight is better than 19 momme weight , and 25 momme weight is better than 22 momme weight ? And do we have even higher mm silk sheets, like 30 mm, 35 mm?

    The answe

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  8. The Benefits of Silk for Hair and Skin

    The Benefits of Silk for Hair and Skin

    The pure mulberry silk sheets and pillowcases have wonderful benefits for skin, hair, and health. Along with being the ultimate in luxury, silk redefines the term "beauty sleep" for hair and skin as well as overall wellness:

    Silk tames "bed head." If you wake with a head full of tangles, it's likely due to friction from your cotton pillowcase. Silk pillowcases let your hair glide across their surface instead of snagging, no matter how much you toss and turn. You'll get a new morning look: smoother, silkier, and tangle-free. Silk also protects fragile or newly regrown hair from breakage.

    Silk keeps hair and skin moisturized. Cotton is absorbent and pulls moisture from hair and skin while you sleep. Silk is protein-based and helps hair and skin retain precious moisture.

    Silk minimizes "sleep wrinkles." Cotton pillowcases

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  9. Silk & Lace Panties, Thongs, Luxury Lingerie for Women

    Silk & Lace Panties, Thongs, Luxury Lingerie for Women

    Any woman is hoping for find comfortable and stylish underwear. Now, our silk underwear is the best choice for women.

    Silk, a great temperature regulator, can regulate body’s temperature to make you feel cool in hot summer and warm in cold winter. And, Silk, made of natural mulberry silk, is breathable and comfortable.

    With silk underwear, you will feel very cool and comfortable during hot summer days and nights.

    Designers like adding lace to ladies’ panties, and different lace shows different styles. For instance, white lace is so pure and lovely, while black lace will make you hot and sexy.

    If you’re hypersensitive, you can select panties which contains at least 90% silk. Clean it according to care instructions. For this high quality fabric, hand wash is the best choice for u

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  10. How To Dry Silk Sheets After Washing

    How To Dry Silk Sheets After Washing

    Line dry silk sheets, if possible. Avoid direct sun exposure because it causes the fabric to fade, particularly in darker-colored sheets.

    You can machine dry your sheets with the lowest temperature setting or “air” setting, if you don’t have an outdoor clothesline or the weather is prohibitive.

    The above 2 solutions also apply to dupioni silk duvet covers. Silk, completely natural material, is the softest material used for bed sheets.


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